Session Methodology

Panel data hedonics: Rosen’s first stage and difference-in-differences as "sufficient statistics"

Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State University, USA) [Updated on July 10th 2014]


Modelling price non-attendants as true protesters in Discrete Choice Experiments

Romain Crastes (ESITPA, Unité AGRI'TERR University of Rouen, France)


External validity of WTP estimates: comparing preference and WTP-space model results

Romain Crastes, Olivier Beaumais (LISA, UMR 6240, University of Corsica), France, Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu, Pablo Martinez-Camblor and Riccardo Scarpa [Updated on July 10th 2014]


Certainty and unobserved heterogeneity in payment card contingent valuation tasks

Emmanouil Mentzakis (University of Southampton, UK), Paul McNamee and Mandy Ryan


The “distribution elicitation format” for willingness-to-pay studies

Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu (University of Nantes, LEMNA, France)


Session Choice Experiment

Is inshore fishing an asset for recreational demand on the coastline?

Carole Ropars-Collet (Agrocampus Ouest, UMR1302 SMART, France), Mélody Leplat, Philippe Le Goffe and Marie Lesueur


Community acceptance of marine biodiversity offsets: a choice experiment on migratory shorebirds

Claire Richert (IRSTEA UMR G-EAU, France), Michael Burton and Abbie Rogers


Preferences for urban green space and urban forests: An analysis of stated residential choices

Gengyan Tu (INRA-LEF, Nancy, France), Jens Abildtrup and Serge Garcia [Updated on July 10th 2014]


Households' attitudes toward alternative heating systems and renewable energy - A choice experiment application

Enni Ruokamo (Department of Economics, Oulu Business School, Finland).


A Choice Experiment assessment of the Impacts of an Invasive Biological Control Agent: the case of the Asian ladybeetle in France

Aminata Sangare (INRA Versailles Grignon, France), Raja Chakir, Maia David and Estelle Gozan [Updated on July 10th 2014]


Session Health and Stated Preferences

Incremental willingness to pay for health care: exposition and test

Karine Lamiraud (ESSEC Business School and THEMA-University of Cergy-Pontoise, France), Robert Oxoby and Cam Donaldson


What do I think what I give is worth? Informal caregivers’ WTP estimates for care provided to French community-dwelling elderly

Alain Paraponaris, Berengère Davin (SESSTIM INSERM UMR912, Marseille, France) and Christel Protiere [Updated on July 10th 2014]


Is there a demand for PGD and/or PND among healthy BRCA1/2 carriers at a reproductive age? A contingent valuation survey

Christel Protière (SESSTIM, Marseille, France), C. Naugues, I. Coupier, D. Stoppa-Lyonnet, C. Lasset, E. Mouret-Fourme, Genepso cohort-investigators and Claire Julian Reynier [Updated on September 30th 2014]


Take the money and run? Hypothetic fee variations and French General Practitioners’ labour supply

Olivier Chanel, Alain Paraponaris, Christel Protiere and Bruno Ventelou (CNRS-AMSE and SESSTIM, France). [Updated on September 30th 2014]


Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reduction and Age: Evidence from a Choice Experiment Survey in Beijing

Henrik Andersson (Toulouse School of Economics UT1C, CNRS, LERNA, France), Desheng Huang and Shiqiu Zhang


Session Revealed Preferences

Long Run Evolution of Wilderness Value: A combined cross-section time series analysis of backcountry hiking

Jeffrey Englin (Morrison School of Agribusiness WP Carey School of Business Arizona State University, USA) and Thomas Holmes


Towards multifunctionality of rural natural environments? - A economic valuation of the extended buffer zones along Danish rivers, streams and lakes

Angela Muench (University of Southern Denmark, Danemark), Stine Porner Nielsen, Viktor Racz and Anne-Mette Hjalager


Household Satellite Account for France in 2010. Methodological issues on the assessment of domestic production

Aurélien Poissonnier (Insee Dese - Crest-LMA - École Polytechnique, France) and Delphine Roy


Does The Hedonic Prices Analysis Always Reveal True Preferences?

Emmanuelle Lavaine (Toulouse School of Economics, Lerna, France).


Rethinking hedonic pricing of natural space: introducing a perceived value adjusted method

Michiel Daams (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Arno Van der Vlist and Frans Sijtsma [Updated on September 30th 2014]