Panel data hedonics: Rosen’s first stage and difference-in-differences as "sufficient statistics" (paper)
Presenter: Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State University, USA)

Modelling price non-attendants as true protesters in Discrete Choice Experiments (paper)
Presenter: Romain Crastes (ESITPA, Unité AGRI'TERR University of Rouen, France)

External validity of WTP estimates: comparing preference and WTP-space model results (paper)
Presenter: Olivier Beaumais (LISA, UMR 6240, University of Corsica)
Co-author(s): Romain Crastes, Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu, Pablo Martinez-Camblor and Riccardo Scarpa

Certainty and unobserved heterogeneity in payment card contingent valuation tasks (paper)
Presenter: Emmanouil Mentzakis (University of Southampton, UK)
Co-author(s): Paul McNamee and Mandy Ryan

The “distribution elicitation format” for willingness-to-pay studies (paper)
Presenter: Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu (University of Nantes, LEMNA, France)


Is inshore fishing an asset for recreational demand on the coastline? (paper)
Presenter: Carole Ropars-Collet (Agrocampus Ouest, UMR1302 SMART, France)
Co-author(s): Mélody Leplat, Philippe Le Goffe and Marie Lesueur

Community acceptance of marine biodiversity offsets: a choice experiment on migratory shorebirds (paper)
Presenter: Claire Richert (IRSTEA UMR G-EAU, France)
Co-author(s): Michael Burton and Abbie Rogers

Preferences for urban green space and urban forests: An analysis of stated residential choices (paper)
Presenter: Gengyan Tu (INRA-LEF, Nancy, France)
Co-author(s): Jens Abildtrup and Serge Garcia

Households' attitudes toward alternative heating systems and renewable energy - A choice experiment application (paper)
Presenter: Enni Ruokamo (Department of Economics, Oulu Business School, Finland)

A Choice Experiment assessment of the Impacts of an Invasive Biological Control Agent: the case of the Asian ladybeetle in France (paper)
Presenter: Aminata Sangare (INRA Versailles Grignon, France)
Co-author(s): Raja Chakir, Maia David and Estelle Gozan


Incremental willingness to pay for health care: exposition and test (paper)
Presenter: Karine Lamiraud (ESSEC Business School and THEMA-University of Cergy-Pontoise, France)
Co-author(s): Robert Oxoby and Cam Donaldson

What do I think what I give is worth? Informal caregivers’ WTP estimates for care provided to French community-dwelling elderly (paper)
Presenter: Berengère Davin (SESSTIM INSERM UMR912, Marseille, France)
Co-author(s): Alain Paraponaris and Christel Protiere

Is there a demand for PGD and/or PND among healthy BRCA1/2 carriers at a reproductive age? A contingent valuation survey (paper)
Presenter: Christel Protière (SESSTIM, Marseille, France)
Co-author(s): C. Naugues, I. Coupier, D. Stoppa-Lyonnet, C. Lasset, E. Mouret-Fourme, Genepso cohort-investigators and Claire Julian Reynier

Take the money and run? Hypothetic fee variations and French General Practitioners’ labour supply (paper)
Presenter: Bruno Ventelou (CNRS-AMSE and SESSTIM, France)
Co-author(s): Olivier Chanel, Alain Paraponaris and Christel Protiere

Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reduction and Age: Evidence from a Choice Experiment Survey in Beijing (paper)
Presenter: Henrik Andersson (Toulouse School of Economics UT1C, CNRS, LERNA, France)
Co-author(s): Desheng Huang and Shiqiu Zhang


Long Run Evolution of Wilderness Value: A combined cross-section time series analysis of backcountry hiking (paper)
Presenter: Jeffrey Englin (Morrison School of Agribusiness WP Carey School of Business Arizona State University, USA)
Co-author(s): Thomas Holmes

Towards multifunctionality of rural natural environments? - A economic valuation of the extended buffer zones along Danish rivers, streams and lakes (paper)
Presenter: Angela Muench (University of Southern Denmark, Danemark)
Co-author(s): Stine Porner Nielsen, Viktor Racz and Anne-Mette Hjalager

Household Satellite Account for France in 2010. Methodological issues on the assessment of domestic production (paper)
Presenter: Aurélien Poissonnier (Insee Dese - Crest-LMA - École Polytechnique, France)
Co-author(s): Delphine Roy

Does The Hedonic Prices Analysis Always Reveal True Preferences? (paper)
Presenter: Emmanuelle Lavaine (Toulouse School of Economics, Lerna, France).

Rethinking hedonic pricing of natural space: introducing a perceived value adjusted method (paper)
Presenter: Michiel Daams (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Co-author(s): Arno Van der Vlist and Frans Sijtsma