Postdoc position (here)
University of Colorado, Boulder
Title: Behavioral economics and wildfire risk

Postdoc position (here)
University of Florida, USA
Title: Agricultural Economics, Market research, Consumer behavior, Choice modeling
Deadline: 15/7/2018

Company (here)
RSG, Chicago, USA
Title: Discrete Choice Modeler

Postdoc position (here)
SLU-Umea campus, Sweden
Title: New ideas in survey research 
Deadline: 15/06/18

PhD position (here)
CERDI, University Clermont Auvergne
Title: Payments for environmental services: economic and environmental efficiency, France
Deadline: 08/05/2018

Lecturer (here)
Hasselt University, Belgium
Title: Environmental economist
Deadline: 15/05/18

PhD position (here)
Hasselt University, Belgium
Title: Valuation of ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure
Deadline: 31/05/18

PhD position
University of Glasgow, UK (here)
Title:Thinking forward through the past: Linking science, social science and the humanities to inform the sustainable reduction of endemic disease in British livestock farming.
Deadline: 20/05/18

Senior Economist, New Zealand (here)
Manaaki Whenua
Essential: Familiarity with field/lab experiments, survey research, choice experiments/conjoint analysis, hedonic analysis, benefit transfer
Deadline: 27/04/18

Postdoc position (here)
Arizona State University,USA
Title: Natural capital management/valuation
Deadline: 09/04/18

PhD position (here)
IRSTEA, Bordeaux, France
Title: Economics-led approach to residential relocation based on inhabitants’ preferences – risk and amenity tradeoffs, and territorial reconfiguration in coastal zones
Deadline: 18/5/2018

Professor position (here)
University of Copenhagen
Title: Environmental valuation and consumer preferences
Deadline: 6/5/2018

PhD position (here)
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Title: Valuation of non-market ecosystem goods and services in central and eastern U.S. forests

Postdoc position (here)
Lund University
Title: Insurance value of biodiversity and Ecosystem services
Deadline: 09/04/2018

Postdoc position (here)
National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Title: RiskAquaSoil

Postdoc position (here)
Delf university of Technology
Title: Modeler of dribvers behavior while using EVs and optimal location of charging stations
Deadline: 15/3/2018

Environmental economist (here)
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, UK
Title: Environmental economist (with a strong focus on valuation)
Deadline: 21/2/2018

PhD position
Aberdeen University, UK
Title: Using economics to understand and predict non-compliance in randomised experiments

Postdoc position (here)
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Title: Economic valuation of marine and coastal ecosystem services
Deadline: 4/3/2018

Postdoc position (here)
Toulouse School of Economics, France
Title: Assessing the impact of smart water metering in agriculture: Behaviors and values

Postdoc (here)
National University of Singapore
Title: Economic valuation of tropical ecosystem services

Research Assitant (here)
National University of Singapore
Title: Economic valuation of tropical ecosystem services

PhD position (here)
University of Toronto, Canada
Title: Various forest economics and management project - Valuation and Market for Ecosystem services
Deadline: 17/11/2017

PhD position (here)
University of Leeds, UK
Title: Natural capital accounting: distribution of benefits

Postdoc position (here)
University of Exeter
Title: Environmental Economics - SWEEP project
Deadline: 9/4/2017

Internship position (here)
LEMNA, IREENA et GeM, France
Title: L’élaboration de méthode d’évaluation contingente sur les Smart-Grids

Internship position (here)
UMR SMART LERECO, Angers, France
Title: Mise en place d’une filière en économie circulaire : évaluation de l’acceptabilité par des méthodes de choix expérimental

Consultant (here)
United Nations Environment Programme, Switzerland
Title: Economic valuation of ecosystem services

Postdoc position (here)
Ulco University, Dunkerque, France
Title: Evaluation économique de la fréquentation des sites du conservatoire du littoral dans les Hauts-de-France
Deadline: 20/03/2017

Postdoc position (here)
Cornell University, US
Title: Transportation,  Environment (air quality) and public health

Postdoc position (here)
Trinity College of Dublin
Title: "POLLIVAL: assessing market and non-market values of pollination services in Ireland
Deadline: 11/06/2016

Postdoc position (here)
INRA Nancy, France, and SLU CERE in Umea, Sweden
Title: Investigating biomass harverst and ash recycling
Deadline: 05/01/2017

Postdoc position (here)
Clark University, US
Title: Ecosystem service valuation; stated and stated/revealed preference methods

Postdoc position (here)
Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology
Title: Deliberative Environmental Valuation
Deadline: 31/3/2016

Postdoc position (here)
Clark UniversityGeorge Perkins Marsh Institute, Worcester, USA
Title: Ecosystem service valuation; stated/revealed preference methods
Deadline: 15/11/2016

PhD contract (here in French and here in English)
IRSTEA, Bordeaux, France
Title: An economic analysis of users' preferences in terms of performance of drinking water supply services in a global change context
Deadline: 18/05/2016

Postdoc position (here)
CERE, Umea, Sweden
Title: Postdoctoral position in environmental and resource economics with specific focus on valuation

Postdoc position (here)
Norut, Tromsø, Norway
Title: Valuation of marine plastic pollution
Project homepage: here
Deadline: 09/05/2016

Postdoc position (here)
RAILENIUM, Valenciennes, France
Title: Evaluation socio-économique du bruit ferrovière
Deadline: 12/02/2016

Internship position (here)
ENGIE, Saint Denis (close to Paris), France
Titre: Monétarisation des externalités environnementales associées à la production de biogaz par digestion anaérobie

Internship position (here)
Title: Efficient estimates in RUM models and experimental design criteria in an environmental context
Deadline: 20/01/2016

Internship position (here)
INRA, SMART, Rennes, France
Titre: Evaluer la demande et la valeur des services environnementaux issus de la gestion agricole des zones humides en Bretagne
Deadline: 20/01/2016

Postdoc position (here in french, here in English)
IRSTEA, Bordeaux, France
Title: Economic valuation of benefits from micro-pollutant discharge in urban domestic wastewater
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: April 2016

Postdoc position (here)
Utrecht University
Title: Environmental Economics: economic values of nature in cities