Monday 24th June 2013

Bengt KRISTROM, "Self-selected intervals"

Pere RIERA, "Consequential valuation methods"

Adan MARTINEZ-CRUZ, "LCL and DCE: implications for welfare estimates"

Jens ABDILTRUP "Demand for forest recreation in Lorraine: Accounting for travel mode choice and large choice sets"

Katja PARKKILA, "Subjective assessment of choice difficulty and uncertainty in choice experiments: who learns and what do they learn?

Bénédicte RULLEAU, A binary choice experiment having a “Would not vote” option to assess landowners’preferences for alternative wetland management schemes

Henrik ANDERSSON, Valuation of small and multiple health risks: a critical analysis of SP data applied to food and water safety

Tuesday 25th June 2013

Olivier BEAUMAIS, Improving solid waste management in the Island of Beauty (Corsica): A rank ordered logit approach with observed heterogenous ranking capabilities

Jérôme SILVA, More than the sum of their parts: Valuing environmental quality by combining life satisfaction surveys and GIS data

Christine BERTRAM, Urban ecosystem services and human well‐being: The role of urban green spaces

Elodie BRAHIC, Preferences, information and forest biodiversity valuation: a split‐sample test with choice experiment method

Léa TARDIEU, Integrating proportional and non‐proportional ecosystem service loss into environmental impact assessment of linear infrastructure construction

Marta ODENDAL-WOZNIAK, Distance to university and moving costs of university students

Heini AHTIAINEN, Benefits of meeting nutrient reduction targets for the Baltic Sea – results from a contingent valuation study in the nine coastal states

Romain CRASTES, Valuing the reduction of risks provoked by erosive runoffs using Choice Experiments

Ariane AMIN, Cost and benefits of protected areas to local people: a case study in South‐Eastern Ivory Coast

Remy LE BOENNEC, Urban transport policy and housing values: evidence from apartments in Nantes