100 EUR: Fees for presenting and non-presenting students
150 EUR: Fees for other presenting and non-presenting participants

The registration fee includes lunch and conference dinner. Hotel and travel expenses are at the charge of the participants. 
To pay the register fees, please see below:
You work or study in a French institution:
-You can write a cheque to the "agent comptable de l'université de Nantes", file the form (here) and send both the cheque and the printed form to:
Anne-Claire COVAIN
Chemin de la Censive du Tertre
BP 52231
44322 Nantes Cedex 3
-Or you can pay by means of "bon de commande". Information on the university of Nantes is available below:
If you have any questions, contact Anne-Claire COVAIN (Anne-Claire.Covain@univ-nantes.fr; +33 2 40 14 17 19)
You work or study in a NON-French institution
You can pay in cash onsite. The money will be collected just before the lunch reception. If you have any question, contact Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu (pamahieu@gmail.com
There is a limited number of places for non-presenting participants. You can pre-register by filling the following form. You will be contacted shortly: