Workshop On Non-Market Valuation

About the annual meeting
Every year, WONV gathers about 30 persons in a different location. The main objectives of this workshop are (i) to provide a forum for dissemination of high quality papers present recent developments in theoretical and empirical analysis in the field of non-market valuation and (ii) create a network of researchers (including worldwide experts). This series of workshops involve both stated preference methods, including the contingent valuation and the choice experiment methods, and revealed preference methods, including the travel cost and the hedonic pricing methods. Besides, the workshop is research oriented. To this end, collaboration with academic journals is encouraged (for more information see here). Although the main aim of WONV is to improve SP approaches, critical papers are welcome (see a recent paper published in JEEM that was presented in WONV1 here).

Best paper award

A best paper award was launched for early stage researchers.

Adan MARTINEZ-CRUZ (ETH Zurich) won the first edition (WONV2016) and was invited to present a paper in CERE, Umea, Sweden.

Erlend DANCKE SANDORF (CERE, sweden) won the second edition (WONV2017and will be invited to present a paper in LEMNA, Nantes, France.

Scientific support
In the past editions, we received the support of EAERE. We also received the support of FAERE (WONV3/4) and CERE (WONV4). We are very grateful to these institutions. We are alo greateful to EVRI who provide a free access to the EVRI database for all the participants (WONV3/4).