The workshop is located at the University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Nantes and is co-organized by the LEMNA lab:

IUT-University of Nantes
Department of Business and Administration Management
3, rue du Maréchal Joffre, BP 34103
44 041 Nantes Cedex 01
Director of IUT-Nantes: Rodolphe DALLE
Director of Departement: Joël GARNIER
Chemin de la Censive du Tertre, BP 52231
44322 Nantes Cedex 03
Director of LEMNA: Thomas VALLEE
For any information or question, please contact Pierre-Alexandre MAHIEU by clicking here or by sending a message at:
Location of IUT-University of Nantes

To go to IUT-University of Nantes from the airport (about 40 minutes)
Take the airport bus shuttle (Hall 1). Get off the bus at the bus stop "Commerce - Centre ville". Then walk until you get to the bus stop "Place du cirque" (see the map below) and take the bus C1, direction "Haluchère". Get off the bus at the bus stop "Chanzy". The main entrance of IUT-University of Nantes is right in front of you.

Picture of airport bus shuttle

go to IUT-University of Nantes from the train station (about 10 minutes walks)
When you get off the train, follow "sortie GARE SNCF NORD". When you exit the station, you will see the botanical gardens of Nantes ("Jardin des plantes") just in front of you. Enter the garden, and follow the path on the left. At the end of the path, exit the botinal gardens. You arrive on a little square ("place Sophie Trébuchet"). Take the street which is ahead ("Rue Lorette de la Refoulais"). Then, take the street on your right ("rue Joffre"). The IUT is at about 300m.

The main entrance of the IUT-University of Nantes:

+33 2 40 69 22 22

Annual EAERE conference in Toulouse
Those who attend the workshop in Nantes can also attend the annual EAERE conference in Toulouse. The workshop in Nantes finishes on Tuesday 25 afternoon, and the EAERE sessions starts on Thursday 27 morning (the day before, Wednesday 26, is typically devoted to a special topic). There are direct flight from Nantes to Toulouse (one hour flight, three flights a day). It is also possible to go to Toulouse by train or by car (about 6 hours). Some people from Nantes will go to Toulouse by car. Some car sharing may be possible.

More information on the airport of Nantes and on the French railway can be found here and here