A best paper award was launched. A total 14 early stage researchers (PhD student or researcher who has recently completed his/her PhD, 3 years) participated to this contest. The winner is Adan MARTINEZ-CRUZ who is actually working at ETH Zurich. He proposes a novel count model for recreation demand analysis in a paper called "Handling excess zeros in count models for recreation demand analysis without apology"The other two laureates are Erland DANCKE SANDORF (University of Tromos, Norway) and Daniel HERRERA (Paris School of Economics, France).


The members of the selection committee were:

- Dr. Frederik CARLSSON  (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
- Dr. Phoebe KOUNDOURI (Athens University of Economics and Business, LSE, ICRE8, Greece)
- Dr. Bengt KRISTRÖM (CERE, Umea University, Sweden)
- Dr. Jordan LOUVIERE (University of South Australia Business, Australia)

Adan will be invited to present his/her paper in CERE – Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics, in Umea, Sweden, thanks to CERE generosity.

For more information on CERE, please visit the website by clicking on the image: 


Research Director of CERE: Bengt KRISTRÖM
Deputy Research Director of CERE: Runar BRÄNNLUND
Scientific Secretary of CERE: Tommy LUNDGREN