Workshop On Non-Market Valuation

About the annual meeting
Every year, WONV gathers about 30 persons in a different location. So far, WONV has been organized in Nantes, Aix-en-Provence and Nancy. The main objectives of this workshop are (i) to provide a forum for dissemination of high quality papers present recent developments in theoretical and empirical analysis in the field of non-market valuation and (ii) create a network of researchers (including worldwide experts). This series of workshops involve both stated preference methods, including the contingent valuation and the choice experiment methods, and revealed preference methods, including the travel cost and the hedonic pricing methods. Besides, the workshops is research oriented. To this end, collaboration with academic journals are encouraged. For instance, a special issue has been published in Revue d'Economie Politique based on WONV1 (here). The introductionary article which details the objectives of the workshop is available here.

Although the main aim of WONV is to improve SP approaches, critical papers are welcome. As an illustration, an excellent paper presented in WONV1 has been published in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management by Henrik Andersson, Arne Risa Hole and Mikael Svensson (here).

4th annual meeting

The fourth edition of the workshop will be organized in Bordeaux on 20-21st June 2016 by Jeanne Dachary-Bernard, Tina Rambonilaza and Bénédicte Rulleau (Contact).

It will take place in a great location at cap sciences in the city center, along to the Garonne river banks. The auditorium and café des sciences have been secured for this event.

More information on the workshop can be found here

Keynote speakers in WONV1/2/3/4:
Olivier BEAUMAIS (University of Rouen, France)
Frederik CARLSSON 
(University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
Brett DAY (University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom)
James HAMMITT (Harvard University, United States)
Nick HANLEY (University of Stirling, United Kingdom)
Stephane HESS (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
Phoebe KOUNDOURI (Athens University of Economics and Business, LSE, ICRE8, Greece)
Bengt KRISTRÖM (CERE, Sweden)
Jordan LOUVIERE (University of South Australia Business, Australia)
Jurgen MEYERHOFF (Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany)
Pere RIERA (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain)
Jason SHOGREN (University of Wyoming, United States)

Members of the scientific committee in WONV4
Henrik ANDERSSON, Toulouse School of Economics
, France
Marc BAUDRY, University of Paris 10, France
Olivier BEAUMAIS, University of Rouen, France
Dorothée BRECARD, University of Toulon, France
Olivier CHANEL, Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, EHESS, France
Johanna CHOUMERT, Economic Development Initiatives, UK
Romain CRASTES, University of Leeds, UK
Emmanuel FLACHAIRE, Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, EHESS, France
Serge GARCIA, LEF, France
Marek GIERGICZNY, University of Warsaw, Poland
James HAMMITT, Harvard University, USA and Toulouse School of Economics, France
Guillaume HOLLARD, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Nicolas JACQUEMET, University of Lorraine, France
Bengt KRISTROM, CERE, Sweden
Stéphane LUCHINI, Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, EHESS, France
Stale NAVRUD, As University, Norway
Pere RIERA, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Frédéric SALLADARE, University of Rennes, France

Coordinator in WONV1/2/3/4
Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu (University of Nantes, LEMNA, France)

Scientific support
In the past editions, we received the support of EAERE. We also received the support of FAERE (WONV3/4) and CERE (WONV4). We are very grateful to these institutions. We are alo greateful to EVRI who provide a free access to the EVRI database for all the participants (WONV3/4).